Saturday, April 4, 2015

Finding Treasure on a Saturday Morning

This sweet book arrived on Friday and there's a "treasure" of a story behind how I stumbled upon it.

I woke up last Saturday morning and checked my Facebook page and found author, Will Hillenbrand had posted a newspaper link to an author appearance he was making on April 7 at St. Peters Township Public Library. The write-up shared info about Pennsylvania's One Book, Every Young Child program which highlights the importance of early literacy development in preschoolers ages 3-6.

Back in 2010, Jane & Will Hillenbrand's picture book "What a Treasure!" was selected to to lead this initiative. Since becoming a grandma just over a year ago, I decided to find out more about this book and found this video from PBS Media where Will, the illustrator reads the book aloud.

Well, I instantly fell in love with this book!  I found myself going online afterwards to purchase and add to my "future gifts to grandkids" pile-everyone knows you can never have enough gifts!

Once ordered, I got back on Facebook to share how much I enjoyed the wonderful message and Will Hillenbrand responded right back, offering me a link to get the book autographed.  I then shared info about the book being ordered but he instantly offered to send a book plate and asked where to send and who to autograph it to.  Well, I happily passed along names and this is what arrived early this week:

Front of the card which is illustrated by Will Hillenbrand

His note to me; I especially love the bonus Mole drawing.
And here's the bookplate:

I can't wait to share this book with my sweet grandkids but I'm especially excited to share the story behind how I found this "treasure" of a book!  Will Hillenbrand-thanks so much for sharing your writing and illustration talents with us all!

What reading treasures have you found lately?